Monday, October 16, 2017

We are really looking forward to seeing all of our families at conferences.  We are talking all about the things that have amazed us during the first quarter of school.  Highlights were in our newsletter.

Here are some things that your child can look forward to for the 2nd quarter of school:

· Tracking print with 1-to-1 correspondence
· Recognizing that words are represented by a specific sequence of letters & are separated by spaces
· Identifies all capital & lowercase letters
· Recognizes if words rhyme
· Pronounces, blends, segments syllables
· Blends letters to make simple words
· Produces all 23 consonant sounds
·  Reads 30 or more sight words & reads level B or higher.
· Telling beginning, middle, end of stories including character/setting
· Writing stories that include beginning, middle & end—spelling words phonetically.

· Describes the changes in day/night sky

· Count to 100 by 1s
· Count as many as 20 objects in a line, rectangular array & pair with a number
· Describe attributes of objects (length, width…)
· More/less
· Sort objects into categories and count those objects.

Social Studies
· Identifies & describes Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day & Thanksgiving
· Identifies & explains the bald eagle &  Statue of Liberty

We’re looking forward to a great quarter!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Working on Words!

The kids have been working so hard to read fluently.  They're also trying to use their sight words correctly in their writing.  Here's a little something to help with both!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Coming Up:

October 10 - 14: Reflections entries due.

October  11: McTeacher Night

October 13: Sparkles Night

October  12-Oct. 14: Yankee Candle Pick Up
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 7:15 AM-8:30 AM or afternoons from 2:30 PM -4:30 PM. If you are interested in helping with distribution, please contact Lea Tatum at lea.tatum@cobbk12

October 17 - 21: Conference Week: Dismissal will begin 2 hours early. There will not be after school clubs during conference week. ASP will run from dismissal until 6:00 PM. ASP registration and prepayment is required to stay in ASP.

October 27: Habit 1 Parent Workshop

October 29: Fall into Fun at Sanctuary’s Fall Festival Celebration
Free food and fun for the whole family!
Where: Hayes Elementary School
Time: 11:00am -1:00pm

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Letting Someone Else Read to Your Kindergartener

On our last blog post, we shared how to log into Mackinvia.  On that site is BookFlix, a great reading source for your child.  There are also sites that don't require a login.  One site is Storyline Online.  Below is the link to that site.  Well known actors have volunteered to read great books.  Your child will love these books.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2016


We have been exploring some fun websites in class for social studies, science & reading.  These websites can be accessed through  When you get there, choose Hayes Elementary, Kennesaw, Georgia for the school. 
User ID:  Your child’s ID number
 Password: read

 You can access Bookflix by typing Bookflix in the search box at the top.  Another   favorite is    PebbleGo.  Your child can read all about animals, national symbols and national holidays on PebbleGo.  The kids also really like Moby on BrainPop.  BrainPop and BookFlix have Spanish versions available as well!

Practicing Letters & Sounds



Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ship Shape!
We're learning about 2D shapes.  Here are a couple fun songs to practice with your child.


Habit #1: Be Proactive! 

To be proactive means to take responsibility for your choices and behaviors. Habit 1 is the key to all of the other habits; that’s why it comes first. We ask that you discuss the meaning of this habit with your child, and then look for evidence that your child is living the habit at home. Return the letter in your child’s folder, and he/she may get to join Mrs. Watson at one of our monthly Leadership breakfasts!