Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Singing Through the Standards

ABC & 123...singing through our standards is as fun as can be!

Here are some of our recent favorite phonics & math songs.  You can watch and sing along with your child (please monitor as you would with any You Tube clips).

Math Songs:

Counting to 20
Counting to 100
Numbers in the Teens
Numbers in the Twenties
Transition Numbers
2D Shapes
3D Shapes

Phonics Songs:
Do You Know Your Alphabet
Hip Hop Alphabet
ABC Rock
Who Let the Letters Out?
Rhyme Time
Vowel Bat

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Walk Through Kindergarten

If you walked into a Hayes Kindergarten classroom this week, here are some of the conversations you may hear:

"Hey. . .what are you going to be for Halloween?". . . . ."Wow...you should see all of the candy that I got!!"

. . . but more importantly, you'd hear:

"What did you learn about being a good reader today?"
     "I can stretch my words to sound them out."
     "I can back up and reread."
     "I use cross-checking to figure out words I don't know."
     "I practiced finding sight words in my book."
     "I read lots of books to be a voracious reader!"

"What did you do to write an informational piece today?"
     "I remembered facts from a book about pumpkins."
     "I wrote my facts in a circle map."
     "I used my resources around the room to spell words."
     "I left spaces between my words."
     "I wrote a complete thought about my topic."

"What important holiday did we learn about this week and why is it important?"
     "I learned about Veteran's Day."
     "I learned that there are people that serve in the military."
     "I remember that veterans work hard to make our country a safe place to live."
     "I know that we should celebrate the people that protect our country."
"How can you match a number to the quantity of objects?"
     "I can line them in rows of 10."
     "I can make towers of 10 with some ones left over."
     "I can put them on ten frames and then count how many."
     "I can lay them on a numberline to see how many numbers I cover up."