Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kindergarten Happenings

Celebrating the past...present...future -
We're all so excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hayes!! We hope you'll be joining us on Friday evening. We'll be out in back by the track. We'll be getting crazy in the jumpies, eating hotdogs, cotton candy and other yummies, and exploring carnival booths.

Progress Reports -
Speaking of celebrating, we hope that you're celebrating your child's accomplishments in school by reviewing his/her progress report. Please sign the correct spot in your child's green Friday folder to confirm receipt of the progress report. Some things to review with your child before the report card include making sure that he/she can identify capital/lowercase letters and 15/75 of the sight words (which were sent home on Open House night), counting to 50 and counting a group of objects up to 20. One way to help your child when counting a group of objects is to have your child line them up and then push each item while saying only one number name with each.

Looking Forward -
We hope you've returned your permission slips for our fieldtrip to Pettit Creek Farms. We'll be taking our adventure through the corn maze on Friday, September 27. If you indicated that you're interested in being a chaperone, your child's teacher will contact you with more information.

Hayes Movie Night -
The PTSA is sponsoring this fun event on Friday, September 27 from 6:30 - 8:00 in the Hayes cafeteria.

Picture Retakes -
If you purchased school pictures and were displeased, you can return them for a retake on Tuesday, October 15. If your child was absent or is new to Hayes, he/she will also get a picture taken for the yearbook.

Fall Break -
Please mark your calendars for Thursday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 8. We will have a few days of vacation from school. It will be just enough of a break to energize us up to the Thanksgiving break.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun on the Web

We have had a great time learning to sing and sign our alphabet! Our phonics is from a book called Sing, Sign and Read. We read the book in class and also use some You Tube videos as tutorials for proper formation of the motions & signs. We thought that you may want to better understand the signs and motions that we're sure your child is showing you. You can watch and sing along with your child (please monitor as you would with any You Tube clips).

Signs & Motions

Signs & Motions (including music) with pauses

Signs & Motions...the whole song

The song modeled by an actual class

We also used a fun site to practice our math strategies (click the links below):

10 Frame Counting Practice

Math Rack Practice (Rekenreks)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School...Wahoo!!

We are so excited to be back to school. We are celebrating 20 years of incredible students, staff members and parents. You all our family and we're looking forward to a year of growing together.

Coming Up:

Open House - Monday, August 26: We are looking forward to seeing you and talking about things that are happening in our classrooms this year.

Labor Day - There is no school on Monday, September 2. We hope your families enjoy the 3-day weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers Bring . . . MATH!

We have been working very hard on a few Common Core Math standards. 
Here are the standards and some websites  to help you and your child practice. 
Click the red words under each standard for the websites.

  • KCC.4a:  Count objects in standard order with 1 to 1 correspondence
  • KCC.4b:  Understand that when counting a group, the last number/object counted represents the number of objects counted no matter how they may be rearranged.

  • KCC.6:  Compare groups of objects by greater than, less than or equal to by using matching strategies.

  • MCCK.OA.1:  Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, or drawings 
  • MCCK.OA.5:  Fluently add and subtract within 5

  • MCCK.OA.4:  For any number from 1 to 9, find the number that makes 10 when added to the given number

Monday, March 11, 2013

A, E, I, O, U...and sometimes Y!

Now that the kids are short vowel experts, they're working to learn how to read and use long vowels.  Singing songs has been a fun way to practice our skills this year.  Here are some You Tube songs all about long vowels.  We hope you enjoy singing them at home with your child!

Super e

Long Vowels

When Two Vowels Go Walking

That Magic E

Vowel Teams

Silent E

Magic E

Evil E

Silent E....How it changes everything!

EE long E

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Rock & Roll!

We have enjoyed being scientists for the past few weeks.  We have sorted materials by exploring their physical features.  This practice helped us for our next discoveries:  sorting rocks.  Did you know that all 5 & 6 year olds LOVE rocks.  Once our studies began, they look for them everywhere!  They sorted them by color, size, texture (rough/smooth), stripes or no stripes...their ideas for categories were endless...and so were the amount of rocks that they found and brought to school.  Next, we explored soil.  We found all kinds of things in soil - even some that wiggled at us as we were examining it with mangifying glasses.  We compared soil that the kids brought from home with soil that we found at school.  There were lots of similarities and differences.

The study of rocks brought us to the study of some very interesting things made from rocks...some beautiful and very famous national symbols.  We have learned about the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the White House.  These great landmarks are made of rock:  marble, granite, sandstone and limestone.  Did you know that the Washington Monument has over 890 steps to get to the top?  How about that the Lincoln Memorial has 36 columns because there were only 36 states with Lincoln died? 

We have certainly learned some interesting things in social studies and science! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The New Year is going SO fast!!

We've been quite busy since coming back in the new year.  Here are some highlights:

There have been LOTS of number combinations created - How can I decompose numbers less than or equal to 10?  You can help your child create number combinations by putting out two different objects (ie. spoons & forks, cars & trucks, 2 colors of M & Ms...).  Say a number.  Your child will use the objects to create different combinations (i.e. The number is 6.  Your child puts out 2 cars & 4 trucks, 3 cars & 3 trucks, 1 car and 5 trucks).

We have also been comparing items using measurement - How can we use measurement to describe and compare objects?  At home, use words like length (longer/shorter) & height (taller/shorter), weight (heavier/lighter), capacity (holds more/holds less).  Look around your house and ask your child, "How can I compare you, the table, and me?"  Your child should use words like "taller/shorter" - "I am taller than the table."  "I am shorter than you."

Language Arts:
Two big questions that we've been thinking about are:  How can asking and answering questions about important parts of the story help us understand the books we read?  How can we actively participate in reading activities with our teacher and classmates?  At home, you can continue to ask questions about the books you read to make sure that your child is actively listening to what you read.  One CAFE strategy that will help you is "Use Prior Knowledge to Connect with Text".  Asking your child "Does this remind you of anything you've read or heard before?" can be a great conversation starter when you share books together.

Social Studies: 
To integrate our Social Studies & Language Arts, we are studying important people.  We have encouraged the kids to always remember how they're important and especially why their learning in school is important.  Learning about why some important people even have National Holidays named after them has guided our study.  We have explored the important work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he worked to make it possible for us to all go to school together.

We have also been learning about where in the world we live.  Thank you to those of you who have been helping your child practice his/her address as well as the city, county, state, country and continent in which we live.  That is huge information for 5 & 6 year olds to learn!!

WOW...and that is just the first month of 2013.  We have so many more important things to learn before the end of the year.  Thank you so much for participating in all of this learning with us!